Need to Analyze Your Liquid Samples Quickly?

We Have the Solution.

Rapid, Accurate Mid-Infrared Analysis

Ocean MZ5 ATR-MIR Spectrometer

Great for Use across a Variety of Applications

  • Spectral range: 1818–909 cm-1 (5.5-11 μm)
  • Signal to noise: >300:1 or better (60 s measurement)
  • Spectral bandwidth (FWHM): 75 cm-1 (at CWL)
  • Measurement time (typical): ~30 seconds (N=200)
  • Measurement time (typical): ~30 seconds (N=200)
  • Storage environment: 0-60 °C non-condensing
  • Weight: ~812 g
  • Dimensions: 165 mm x 165 mm x 66 mm
  • Housing and ATR frame material: Aluminum
  • ATR surface area: 17 mm x 27 mm
  • Crystal material: ZnSe (zinc selenide)
  • Crystal cover: Protects sample area
  • Number of sample reflections: 9
  • Illumination source: Electrically modulated MEMS emitters
  • Source lifetime: >5,000 hrs. of continuous measurement
  • Dispersing element: Linear variable filter
  • Detector: 128-pixel uncooled pyroelectric array
  • Analog to digital converter: 16-bit
“Congratulations on such a wonderful product considering that it is one of the first of its kind.
The hardware design is simple, effective and robust.”
-Jitto T.,RCE Technologies

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